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Our products are made with 100% natural human hair


50% OFF all Fun Color  Clip in Hair Extensions

Ludis Charming Instinct is offering 50% off all Fun Color Clip in Hair Extensions.

Ludis Charming Instinct Extensions

The best nature has to offer. Real hair. Pure and simple.

Ludis Charming Instinct Hair Extensions are the perfect way to add volume, length or dimensional color to your existing hair. And best of all, they are the safest, most natural product available. Our focus is not only on beauty, but also on health and the environment.

Our unequaled high standards and twenty-five years of experience have made us the top, trusted name in the industry. We searched the globe for the finest, purest hair, extensively testing it, devising the gentlest methods of preparation.

We start with only the finest 100% Remy hair, structurally similar to European hair, but even stronger and healthier. Next, we gently decolorize it through delicate, non-aggressive techniques, recoloring it in over 30 shades. Finished with a heat seal polymer bonding, the hair is left soft, shiny and completely natural looking.

Versatile, fun and easily applied, Ludis extensions can be styled according to your wishes, lasting many months when properly cared for. So whether you want to fill out thinning hair, or simply add a little fun and glamour, don’t settle for anything less than the best.


Ludis Charming Instinct